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An Adult Circumcision Walkthrough by Dr Michael Hyman

Dr. Michael Hyman explains of what the actual procedure of an adult circumcision is like. Most adult males are very afraid of this but let Dr. Hyman walk you though the process to help your decision.

the rumors 

Despite popular belief, a circumcision is a minimally invasive and quick procedure taking about one hour. Within a couple of days, you will be back to work and enjoying your day-to-day life without pain or discomfort. Dr. Hyman is an accomplished urologist who specializes in circumcision procedures. He is here to help you with any questions in English & Spanish..


There is no special preparation necessary before the procedure. Shaving your genitals is not necessary. If you are having any anxiety about the procedure, Dr. Hyman will be happy to discuss that in detail during your consultation. His goal is to dispel any myths, address any concerns and answer any questions during the consultation so you are relaxed and confident. On the day of your procedure, wear comfortable clothing and make a plan to take a couple days off of work to allow the area to fully heal.

The Procedure

A small injection is administered to the penis to numb the area before the penile block is administered. You will have time to relax privately as the block takes effect and completely numbs the area. The groin will be prepped and draped to keep the area sterile during the procedure. A surgical pen is used to mark the skin before making the incision. This will ensure the skin removed is symmetrical. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. Most patients actually fall asleep because they are so relaxed and at ease. Once the incision is made, the foreskin is painlessly extracted. Sutures are placed around the circumference of the head of the penis. After that, the incision is cleaned and a thin bandage is applied. This bandage contains antibiotic ointment that will prevent infection and speed the healing process. You will be able to urinate normally during recovery.

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We recommend scheduling your circumcision on a Friday to have the weekend to relax. We advise you to take it easy for 3-4 days following the procedure and stay off your feet as much as possible to minimize discomfort. Dr. Hyman prescribes a mild pain reliever. Any pain can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers if you prefer. The threshold of pain differs between individuals. We recommend you do not have sex or masturbate for three weeks after the procedure.

The Recovery After an Adult Circumcision Explained by
Dr Michael Hyman

Dr. Michael Hyman from LACircumcision.com explains the recovery period after an adult circumcision. If you have heard various explanations on what you might experience, changes in your sensation and what is the pain level during the recovery.

The Follow-up

The bandage can be removed 36 hours following the circumcision and the stitches should self-dissolve within 2-3 weeks. The incision will completely heal within 6-8 weeks. Just like any other cut, within 3-6 months the scarring will become soft and unnoticeable. It will continue to diminish over time. Any circumcision, even ones done at child birth, will always leave a faint scar.

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  • "I was very nervous about getting a circumcision and Dr. Hyman guided me through the entire process in a professional and productive manner. He explained the procedure perfectly and made me feel calm throughout the process. When I asked questions, he was patient and thoughtful. As a surgeon, he was also terrific. I did not feel any pain (“just a pinch and a burn”) and was able to leave right after the procedure. An event that I was dreading is something that could not have gone any better thanks to Dr. Hyman. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone."

    Kyle T.| Van Nuys, CA
  • "Dr. Hyman is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has excellent bedside manner. When I needed a circumcision, he was very patient and took time to answer all my questions spelling everything out—ultimately the procedure was totally smooth and I am fully recovered. My calls were promptly returned. He also called to follow up on me. Highly recommend this doctor!"

    Isaac M.| Burbank, CA
  • "I found Dr. Hyman through my friend who had a circumcision done by him. I wanted it for religious regions. With a mohel, Dr. Hyman made sure the procedure was done according to Jewish law. I felt no pain and the incision healed well. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hyman to any man who is doing this for brit or religious reasons."