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 Why do I keep hearing about guys getting circumcised as adults? 
Posted by Dr. Michael J. Hyman on October 8th
Part 2 Medical Reasons
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The most common reason guys undergo circumcisions for MEDICAL reasons is because they suffer from painful and dangerous foreskin disorders. I have listed the most common below:


is the inability to retract the foreskin.  This is a major issue during sex because when a man is having intercourse, the foreskin retracts as the exposed head of the penis has the most intense sensation. With phimosis, the foreskin is stuck, cannot retract, and so he does not get the sensation he needs and often cannot achieve an orgasm. In addition, if he manages to achieve orgasm, he may find the semen gets trapped inside the foreskin. Even worse, he may experience pain if the foreskin is stuck and won't retract during sex, often leading to tears in the foreskin and considerable bleeding.  Finally, when the foreskin he cannot retract the foreskin, he may find urine spraying, unable to make a straight stream.

2) The second condition is called PARAPHIMOSIS:

the inability to roll the foreskin back over the head of the penis after it has been retracted.  This condition can be quite urgent and require a visit to an emergency room.  When the foreskin is pulled back, it bunches up just behind the head of the penis.  The idea is similar to thinking about folding the waste band of you pants, making it tighter around your waste.  The longer the foreskin remains pulled back and tight around the area behind the head of the penis, the more the head of the penis can swell and make it even harder to roll the foreskin back.  The situation continues to worsen, causing more and more swelling until the head of the penis is completely choked off of its blood flow by the folded ring of foreskin, and if not brought to emergent medical attention, can result in "necrosis" or loss of the head of the penis.


The frenulum is a band of skin the connect the undersurface of the head of the penis to the foreskin.  Some men find that particularly during intercourse, as he thrusts, the foreskin pulls back and stretches or even tears the frenulum causing pain, bleeding, and can even lead to foreskin disorders mentioned above.  

In these cases, circumcision improves the patient's health and cures him of the foreskin disorders.  In these examples, circumcision is medically indicated and necessary for the patient's continued health and wellbeing.

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